Our Story

 "I want women to feel amazing in what I create"  - Waqaas Ahmed, Founder and Creative Director 


"Where is your abaya from"? They said


It all started as an experiment.  Women close to me struggling to find abayas that felt special.  With my love for amazing fabric and skills in tailoring, I began to make robes and kimonos, which quickly started to get noticed.  Curious women wondering "where is your abaya from?  It's so different"!


With a spice... 

Aywa London is a British resortwear brand with a spice. Offering premium and luxury travel inspired pieces to women with style all around the world. Housed in London, Aywa brings together Waqaas’ love of fashion, style, history and culture.  Grace and elegance being at the heart of the brand, Aywa is at times fun and playful. It allows you to express your individual style and personality. Each product is hand crafted, using carefully selected cloths from artisans around the world, so if you’re wearing an Aywa, take pride in wearing one of the most exclusive designs.