Story About Us

"I want the woman to feel proud to guard her modesty when she goes out. I want her to look forward to updating her wardrobe, which includes her next abaya” Aywa is a luxury British abaya brand with the vision to introduce the abaya to the cosmopolitan woman. Aywa brings together Waqaas’ love of fashion, style, history and culture. With grace and elegance being at the heart of the brand, Aywa is at times fun and playful, without having to compromise modesty. It allows you to be able to express your individual style and personality. Each abaya is hand crafted as a one-off, using carefully selected fabrics and materials, so if you’re wearing an Aywa, take pride in wearing one of the most exclusive designs on the scene.


“I always knew I wanted to do something within Fashion, but wasn’t quite sure what. However, I knew I wanted to be in Luxury Fashion”. Having grown up around the sewing machine, Waqaas has been making clothes since the age of 12. Claiming that as a creative and artistic person, he didn’t want to rely on studying fashion design at a degree level and instead wanted to learn how to be able to handcraft garments to a high standard and be able to understand the depths of the fashion business. After graduating from London College of Fashion in 2009, with a Diploma in Production Tailoring and an Honours Degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising, Waqaas realised his ability to connect art with the business of fashion. Being a risk taker, Waqaas left home to gain life skills and begin his career in Dubai, where he discovered a growing luxury market and the luxury abaya! After returning to the UK in 2010, he was easily able to find work within luxury fashion and has gained experience from leading houses including Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana, YSL and Gucci. Whilst working, Waqaas started making abayas for his sisters and friends, who were unable to find something special for weddings, events, Eid etc. People started asking where these abayas came from and were fascinated that they were made by the brother! This was the moment when Waqaas realised what he wanted to do and what part he wanted to play in fashion.