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Our story

It all started as an experiment in Buckinghamshire, England. To revamp the dark and sombre essential cloak called the ‘abaya’.  Founded by Waqaas Ahmed in 2014, showcasing his debut collection at a charity fashion show in London, the collection was a burst of fresh air. 

Pouring colour and print down the runway with a collection of abayas that were anything but plain black.  The collection reflected a sense of joy and relief from the orthodox and conventional cloak.  It turned heads and created an impact.  

Over the years, AYWA has slowly and organically developed and demonstrated its core values through its collections and practices - conscious of the delicate world that we live in and making decisions that aim to reduce and eliminate the negative impact on the Earth, the people and nature. 

Today AYWA continues to create beautifully handcrafted garments, and to offer a more wholesome range of collections for its loyal customers all over the world.  

Housed in a quaint village, Waddesdon - once an agricultural settlement with milling, silk weaving, lace making enterprises and home to the renowned Waddesdon Manor.  AYWA develops all collections in-house from the attic of an old mill.  From fabric selection and design, all the way to production and distribution – it all happens at The Mill (with fairly new developments now starting with independent artisans in Morocco)   We are proud to have a very streamlined supply chain with maximum quality control.  

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