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Our Commitment to the Environment


We have always taken a conscious approach.

There is no secret that the fashion industry is renowned to be one of the largest polluters, creating so much disrupt in the delicate world that we live in.

At AYWA, we pride ourselves on our beautiful, high quality materials and our craftsmanship, bringing you exclusive, conscious and wholesome abayas in every collection.


Did you know that we have never thrown away any of our fabric remnants, since our very first collection in 2014.  They do not belong in the landfills or the incinerators. We cannot take responsibility for adding to more fashion pollution to what is already a major, and global problem.  We don't want to feel guilty about what we are doing.

So we held on to all off-cuts, in bags, boxes and baskets and thought about what to do with them.  Then in 2017, we had an idea!



Why don’t we turn these left-over fabrics into other beautiful garments. Re-imagined pieces that still have the AYWA vibe. Each abaya could be made up from materials used in completely different collections!  The same goes with trims – let’s use them!

We are trying to do our part for the environment and striving to practise a healthier future for fashion.  Our Rebloom Collection is ongoing and will consist of a limited number of abayas, handcrafted from our library of archive materials from past collections and projects.  

Of course, then there are more off-cuts from re-creating pieces.  We use the smaller pieces for facings, cuffs and hems, to bring some extra fascination to the hidden parts of our pieces. Pockets are also created from our archive materials. 

What About The Tiny Bits?

Then there are the smaller and more tiny bits of leftovers.  Guess what? We have a solution for them too! These remnants are kept and then used for cushion and pouffe fillers, and also donated for local projects to make craft products.

Do you have other ideas? We would love to hear from you at 

We really are aiming for ZERO WASTE! 

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