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"A Faded Odyssey"

A delicate balance between South Asian cratsmanship, old English tradition and European fineness.

Imagine one of those paintings at an art gallery. You stand still and take in. That is exactly the mood we were in when creating this collection. It’s a time to pause and reflect.

We invite you into our painting that has come to life. Devoting ourselves to the idea of aspiring towards what is good for the soul. It’s only the things we love for ourselves, which are the same things that we love for you too. It’s a nostalgia that we want to be in. Come and join us.

We have been creating handcrafted abayas since 2014. Gorgeous fabrics and heritage textiles. The play on prints, patterns and colours. All the things that you love about AYWA. Get inspired by nature and feel wholesome in one of our exclusive pieces.

Welcome to our design studio in the quaint village of Waddesdon. Let’s dress you in something truly special.

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