Zero Waste

    At AYWA LONDON, we pride ourselves on our beautiful, high-quality materials and our craftsmanship, bringing you exclusive and bespoke abayas in every collection. 

    Did you know that we have kept all our past collection excess fabrics until we decided what to do with them?  They do not belong in the landfills or the incinerators. 

    ''REBLOOM'' - The idea similar to that of a plant or flower.  The concept of a fabric or material “to bloom again” into another beautiful garment.   

    Something very close to the heart of the brand.  Promoting a more sustainable future for fashion, we are making way for new and exciting products by releasing a limited number of abayas throughout the year, handcrafted from our library of archive fabrics from past collections. 

    These abayas have been put together with a twist... each one could be made up from materials used in completely different collections!  The smaller cuttings are tastefully used for facings, backings, edgings, trims and more to keep the flavour in our creations going.   

    Furthermore, the remaining offcuts are also kept and used as cushion and pouffe fillers for our own personal use amongst the friends and family of AYWA LONDON.  Soon we will have these offcuts available for you also, so that you can help us keep the earth healthier and happier.   

    We are aiming for Zero waste and working very hard to work towards it.