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A Whatsapp Voice Note

A Whatsapp Voice Note

We All Send Voice Notes

I guess it's easier than typing those really long messages when you want to explain something, catching up on what happened, or you are simply too idle to type.  Voice notes also let you deliver your expressions. 

We are constantly exchanging ideas, offloading creative thoughts to set the mood and sending feedback on developments.  Voice notes are everything sometimes - except when you can't find that message from several weeks ago, which turns out that it was a voice note! 

Anyway, we love them at AYWA and we use them all the time. 


The ideas behind some of our pieces are at times results from a Whatsapp voice note.  That's what happened with our Cassy Kaftan. 

Here's one we wanted to share with you. 

"Listen, erm… I just had a thought.

“D’you know my blue, Moroccan err… kaftan that I wore to Bacha, and everybody fell in love with it?

So I was thinking, to… make a version and put it into the collection.  

So like, in the Majorelle blue, with maybe like and an emerald green.

Erm…and then you know put some block print cuffs, or something like that, and then do erm… something at the erm… at the bottom with errr… with-on the vents.

Erm… because everyone loves it, so I'm thinking, well why don’t we put it into the collection.  See what you think”...


Listen to the Voice Note


It started with with a photo of me at Bacha Coffee in Marrakech.  I was wearing my own linen kaftan in a dramatic Majorelle blue.  Everyone loved it! I guess that colour transports you to a resort mood, strolling through the aromatic Medina in the sun or simply sipping an infusion coffee at the famous Dar El Bacha. 


So that sparked the idea to create a version of my kaftan into the new collection - A Faded Odyssey. 


The Saharan blue, perfectly combined with a cooling emerald green - in linen of course. Finished with viscose satin block printed cuffs and metallic trim details.

And we named it… Cassy Kaftan. 




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