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Another Eid Has Come And Gone

Another Eid Has Come And Gone

I do love a good party, but my biggest weakness is hosting.

Those who know me, know how much I love to host. They say that the heart of the home is the kitchen. But I’d like to add that the main gate to the heart is the front door, and I do love to open it to family and friends. I'm quite old fashioned and I believe that guests are a blessing. My idea is simple; spread love and joy… project warmth and feed your guests. It’s a faded odyssey if you think about it. But not for me. 

I am always looking for an occasion to invite you in and host something.

That’s just me.

  I must say that I do feel quite exhausted following this Eid. It’s been over stimulating and relentless because this was eight days of preparations and celebrations. Not to mention that we haven’t hosted a proper party since we have moved into our new home.


Do you remember our garden party two years ago? 😝

Gosh, there was so much planning with that one. An intimate garden party with the team, followed by a movie under the stars. It was so magical! 


Fast forward two years…

Let The Overdrive Commence

“OMG! We have so much to do! We need to make a list of everything”. I said to Bushra 😁

There really was so much to do.

Moving house and office isn't easy, so you could imagine things aren't quite settled in their places. The weather has been glorious in England lately so it was the perfect opportunity to finally spring clean the garden (as well as the house), but with a only a few days to spare 🤪


The To-Do list was endless!

To name a few things: Planning the menu, arranging goodie bags, DIY-ing, cleaning, tidying, ingredients list, decor items, guest names... the list goes on. 


I don't know how we manage things sometimes.  

There are so many photos on the camera roll, but we have to respect many of our guests that are private, some family weren't in hijab, and there were children too. 

But here you are, some of the highlights from the festive period. 

What's your party vibe? Are you a host? A guest? Or do you prefer to stay at home?

Leave a comment below! 

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