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TRAVEL BLUES - "Lets Get Nostalgic"

TRAVEL BLUES - "Lets Get Nostalgic"

Its been a while…

I am writing this to you whilst listening to Patrick Watson’s ‘Je te laisserai des mots’, which sparked inspiration for my latest collection for Aywa London. The lyrics of the song itself do not necessarily have much to do with the collection, but it was the sound of his voice and the melody that made me realise the mood that I was in.

'“Let’s get nostalgic” was the common theme for me in 2020. Searching out as a means to bring comfort and memories of happy feelings. The feeling of butterflies before you set out for the airport, the warm sun rays on your body, the aromatic spices awakening your senses, or sipping that fresh orange juice whilst you check into your riad. Yes, I’m having Travel Blues’, which is what I wanted to name this collection.



I decided to look back at my past collections and recreate some of Aywa’s iconic and exclusive pieces. This collection is handcrafted using some of my absolute favourite fabrics; French linens, Japanese cotton and linen blends, Indian block prints and an especially developed handwoven cotton and hemp. Of course, you will see some of the pieces adorned in vintage textiles. The colour palette is a contrast of warm, sunbaked tones and cool indigo blues. I wanted to make each piece in a way so that when you wear them, they make you feel nostalgic.

I look forward to sharing this very special collection with you and invite you to come away with me.

Best wishes from Waqaas

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